Interaction Design + Engineering



Education: MA MEng MSc
currently based in London

The way I frame my autodidact path within design since now more than 10 years consists in three words: Thinking, Talking, Making. I constantly seek to combine my first education in general engineering and my broad technical and artistic culture with my  design vocation. With a background in engineering (MEng) and work-experience with craft-centric companies (Leather, Wood and Brass), I chose to pursue the MA/MSc in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art. My practice focuses on the materialization of emotions into objects and code, by tracing their residual presence and proposing new means for emotional projection. This has led me to investigate ancient rites and surviving symbols today in order to question material culture. In this exploratory phase of work, I am using a range of technological approaches to the body as a medium, from material research to custom-made electronics, that has culminated in an exhibition at the V&A Friday Late February 2018 and a participation to the talk Interfaces Monthly 042018 event organised by the Barbican. My goal is to practice design combining storytelling with a critical and meaningful creative process, to reach poetic and elegant solution.

One of my motivation is to try to identify the hidden layers of information in our environment, and reveal them to users. Beyond the augmented or the virtual, aiming at a revealed reality. This way I intend to bring value and enrich the everyday-life of users. I believe that a thought-provoking design enriches the mindscape of people. Altogether my ethos would be close to Metamodernism, combining a dissection of grand narratives with an earnest respect for mythologies and the sensibility they invoke. As well as thoughts I aim at awakening emotions, so that together they would create a memorable experience. This process comes to fruition only with a final embodiment phase, proposing a tangible materiality to the message. For this, Critical and speculative design are the foundations of my approach but my stance is nourished by an affective look at abnormal, fringe and irationnal phenomena in culture. I wish to challenge social norms in the most constructive way, trying to avoid naïve narratives, and not being afraid of taping into the social  fantasies attached to everyday objects.

CV available upon request