Interaction Design + Engineering


.altar (coming soon)

Data is ethereal by nature. Does this quality give rise to a superstitious relationship with the internet?

Every time we connect, we sign a faustian pact with a handful of companies that dominate the online ecosystem. We helplessly put our faith in these empires, hoping they will use our data for the common good. They became the medium through which we see the world. Could this unprecedented domination of the immaterial network morph into some new type of religion and novel churches?

.altar redesigns the router, “non-object” par excellence into a ritualistic monitoring tool. Inspired by superstition and ancient timekeeping, it embodies the immaterial data we offer online in burnt wax. One candle equals an amount of data allowed to leak, virtually and physically. Every data sent is materialized into a drop creating a structure. A change of phase towards the tangible, with ritual interactions for more awareness and control over our digital footprint, in an increasingly predatory online sphere.