Interaction Design + Engineering


Amorous movement sculpture

“Emotion Capture” is a wearable project exploring the representation of our feelings, in particular love. The instinctive way we express our love for somebody is physical, through movement and touch. Such affectionate and caring gestures are present in birds and mammals. They are the core of the bonding process and define physical intimacy. Caresses, kisses and amorous practices are an essential embodiment of our emotions; wonderful means of expression and of discovery of our partner. In the couple, the carnality of romance tends to be the foundation for the exploration of one another.
If this physical expression of our feelings is so human, why do we not try to infuse our proof-of-love presents with it? Jewellery gifts as a sign of affection or angagement date back to Babylonian civilization. The vast majority of the designs are relying on constructed symbols, figurative elements and are in most cases designed by a craftsman that doesnt have intimate knowledge of the love the couple shares.

As loving gestures and their motions are direct expressions of feelings, harnessing them should be the purest mean of representation in a jewel.
For this project I focused on one the most archetypal form of loving practice, the kiss. The kiss, sometimes thought of as purely performative, would benefit a lot from being reframed as an expressive practice. There is a beauty in the fact that the movement tongues in a loving kiss are completely intertwined and interdependant. “Emotion Capture” proposes that couples harness the expressive qualities motion of loving gestures and create jewellery from their essence. Loving becomes crafting. Feelings and shared memory are encapsulated in one artefact. And finally, the memory of that moment would be the key to understand the abstract artefact created, like a shared secret perpetuating the intimacy of the experience.

Usage scenario


 A package of patches and sensor belts to track points on the body. The motion is recorded while feelings are expressed to create an artifact from the emotion.



The device relies on magnetic tracking. The patches are containing magnets. Hall sensors and magnetometers are embedded in a belt to sense the change of magnetic field. This data is translated in distance and reconstructs the trail of the patches with trilateration algorithms.