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Emergent water whistles

Peruvian water whistles are one of the oldest instruments found in America. The craft of making them has been handed down from generation to generation. There is however hardly any documentation on how they work. The basic working principle is relatively simple. There are two chambers that contain water. When the instrument is tilted the water flows from one chamber into the other through a connecting pipe, pushing air out of a whistle.

However, the key to making Peruvian water whistle function properly is getting the ratios between the dimensions right. A parametric model in combination with 3D printing technology enabled the successful reverse engineering of this ancient instrument. 






Emergence is the higher-order complexity arising out of chaotic system composed of simple entities. Emergence occurs when the  interactions between the elements develops and disrupts to form a coherent structure that is more complex. The system differentiates and ultimately coalesces into something novel.
Each element of this system is listening to the whistling of the others, and is triggered by their sound following an emergent algorythm.